Anti callosity abrasive stone

Ref: RV501
  • Elimina calli, ispessimenti e duroni
  • Rimuove la pelle più ruvida e screpolata
  • Presa ottimale per un'intensa abrasione
  • Uso quotidiano per piedi soffici, levigati e naturalmente lisci

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Product description
Abrasive stone which helps remove thickness and callosity for smooth and velvet-soft foot skin. Thanks to its high porosity it is extremely light but also resilient, it smoothes hardened skin and eliminates callosities.

Shock-safe, its ergonomic shape grants perfect grip and high abrasiveness. Can be used daily after foot bath, bath or shower to treat callosity, corns, skin thickness, to remove chapped skin on feet and also hands.

This anti-callosity glass pumice stone is environmentally-friendly: the material is treated at very high temperatures as it happens with the formation of natural vulcanic pumice stone. The physical characteristics and the chemical composition are the same as for natural pumice stone, thus it is non irritating and ideal for the treatment of any kind of skin thickness.

Usage: use glass pumice stone on wet feet with delicate circular movements on the affected area.


Neutral Ph
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