Device for pressotherapy

Ref: AE020

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Product description
Computer controlled presso-massage equipment for limbs lymphatic and venous drainage. Relievesswelling caused by cellulite. Ideal for heavy and tired legs, too. User-friendly equipment withimmediate result, combines drainage and relaxing treatment. The equipment operates thanks to acomputer-controlled pump inflating the limbs garments exercizing thus a gradual and specific pressure on tissues to treat. It allows to make specific treatments with pressure control andregulating during treatment. Two micro-processors control and coordinate all the equipment functions and have all the programs with operative treatments in memory. With LCD display showingin real time selections, the equipment operating state and symbols indicating use keys. It's theonly presso-massage device applying pressure in an intelligent way: pressure regulating can be setboth automatic, changing according to the specific program, and manual setting the pressure sectorby sector. The supplied boots allow an optimal treatment personalisation. The presence of 5 sectorsin the leg/foot area and 3 sectors in the hips/abdomen area allows to choose adequate parametersfor specific treatments. Central unit dimensions: 54 x 40 x h 18 cm. Weight: 9,6 kg Power: 230V-50/60Hz-100W. Programs quantity: 20. Pressure regulating: automatic and manual.
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