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CE526 - Peusek cosmetic powder 20 g

For feet with excessive perspiration. Properties: controls excess perspiration and the odours...

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For feet with excessive perspiration. Properties: controls excess perspiration and the odours it causes, letting skin transpire, for at least 4 weeks. Peusek Baño is effective with one long-lasting application.

New formula with natural ingredients: bamboo, sage and equisetum (horsetail), without parabens, aluminium and chemical allergens.

How to use: dissolve the contents of sachet no 1 (red) in lukewarm water and bathe feet for about 5-10 minutes, then apply the contents of sachet no.2 (green) to the whole foot surface without drying feet completely (in order to produce more adherence). Wear cotton tights or socks (or other natural fibres: wool, silk...). The treatment must be done in the morning and tights or socks can be removed only at night for sleeping; the day after the same tights or socks must be worn again and not removed all the day long. Feet can't be bathed. In order to get an optimal result, rules must be followed carefully. If well done, treatment will last between one and two months and can be repeated again according to one's necessities. We suggest this particular treatment both for problems of bad smell and excessive perspiration as well as for people practising sport or wearing oft sports shoes on in plastic materials causing bad smell or excessive perspiration (teenagers, sportsmen).

30 g - 2 sachets/pkg

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