Frequently asked questions

Tecniwork is ready to answer your F.A.Q.s. If your question is not listed below, please call +39 055 89 91 71 from Mon. to Fri. from 9.00 a.m. to 17.30 p.m., or write an e-mail to

What is ‘My Account’?

The access to our web-site is reserved to professional operators only, for this reason we require that you kindly sign in. The Login procedure allows you to visualise our complete catalogue, to ask for estimate requests, download our product manuals and get further information. To enter our catalogue as a registered user, just type your e-mail and the password you chose while signing in.

How do I sign in?

To open your Account with us, click on Free Registration in Home Page, then fill in the fields with the required data and then click on Start Registration, type your e-mail address, choose your password and click on Create Account. You will soon receive an e-mail message with a link to be clicked on, just to verify your e-mail address. Your account will be opened and active only after receiving our subsequent confirmation e-mail message.

How do I order on-line?

Our products are destined to professional users only, for this reason it is necessary to sign in before placing an order on-line. Once you have signed in, within one working day, you will receive our confirmation to your registration and you will be able to enter your account as a registered user. In our catalogue you will be able to choose the items you are interested in.

Is there a minimum of order?

There is no minimum of order.

How can I pay on-line?

Various payment forms are available at CASH ON DELIVERY (Italy only) CREDIT CARD, we accept CARTA SI, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, EUROCARD. HABITUAL CLIENTS maintain pre-established payment forms.

I am already one of Tecniwork's clients: do I have to sign in anyhow? Which are my shopping conditions?

Although you are already one of our clients, you must send us your registration request all the same indicating that you are already one of our clients in the provided field. Your habitual payment forms are maintained.

How can I get in touch with your sale dept. (for example to change the quantities in my order, etc..)?

If your order has not already been processed, that is to say within a few hours from your request, you can call +39 055 89 91 71 from Mon. to Fri. from 9.00 am to 17.30 pm or write an e-mail to

How much will the shipment cost to me?

Freight costs are at your charge and will be calculated according to the volume of the ordered goods.

How long do I have to wait for the reception of goods?

All orders placed within 15:00 (3.00 PM) will be shipped in 24h depending on stock availability and delivered within 3-4 working days.

How will you ship the goods?

Parcels are shipped with EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE.

Can I have the parcel delivered to a different address?

Yes you can. If you have moved you should update your personal data inside your personal data form. Only in this case the goods will be shipped to your new premises.

How can I check the status of my shipment?

Please call +39 055 89 91 71 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 17.30 pm or write an e-mail to

Product information and technical questions

For further information about our products, you can call +39 055 89 91 71: our qualified operators will be happy to help you from Mon. to Fri. from 09.00 am to 17.30 pm.

Customer care and after-sale servicing

Tecniwork takes care of customers' needs; our team will assist you from the very first approach until the delivery of your parcel and even after the expiry of the product's guarantee. Our technical staff and operators constantly try and find the best possible solutions to your exigencies so that our clients are then very much satisfied with our quality system ISO 9001 and organisation of work. To get in touch for assistance, you can call +39 055 89 91 71 from Mon. to Fri. from 09.00 am to 17.30 pm or write an e-mail to Skilled and qualified personnel will be at your disposal to answer your questions.

What is the clause 'Satisfied or get your money back?

This clause is valid for any order sent to Tecniwork: with this guarantee you can send us back the items you are not satisfied with and we will see to the replacement or money refund. Please call +39 055 89 91 71 from Mon. to Fri. from 09.00 am to 17.30 pm or write an e-mail to indicating if you prefer to be refunded or a replacement of items. The deadline is 7 days from the receipt of goods. Important: please notice that we will not accept returns after this time and that the goods must be sent back with their original package and adequately wrapped for shipment. We will not accept any goods without the original package. The guarantee is valid for all products. Items are covered by Manufacturer's guarantee which lasts for 1 (one) year.

Faulty or wrong products

In case of FAULTY or WRONG products, we will provide replacement WITHOUT ANY CHARGE. Please call our AFTER SALE SERVICE dialing +39 055 89 91 71 from Mon. to Fri. from 09.00 am to 17.30 pm. to inform us about the reason of your return, quoting your invoice number for our reference. Important: products will have to be returned within SEVEN DAYS FROM RECEIPT DATE, with their own original package and adequate wrapping. We will not accept any returns after that deadline or WITHOUT ITS ORIGINAL PACKAGE.

Is it possible to purchase an item which is not in your on-line catalogue?

If you are interested in an item which is not available in our on-line shop, please call +39 055 89 91 71 from Mon. to Fri. from 09.00 am to 17.30 pm or write an e-mail to, our operators will try and find the desired items for you.

How can I signal malfunctions in your web-site?

Please write an e-mail to our web-team at

How are my personal data processed?

Your privacy is very important to us and we can assure you that your personal data are always: Accessible - You can see your registration details and any previous orders easily after logging on. Controllable - You can amend your registration details easily on-line. We can also change information for you if you call our customer services. Private - We won't use your details to contact you with special offers unless you want us to. Again, you can go online at any time to tell us whether or not you want to be contacted. Secure - Information about you will be kept safe and secure. Our Internet systems are operated by specialists who pride themselves on the extremely high security of their systems. Necessary - We only collect information that we can use to improve the experience for you. You'll notice, for example, that to register with us is a very simple process and we ask for the minimum of information. You can modify or have your data cancelled at any time, writing an e-mail to

Is it possible to place an order other than on-line?

By phone:

From Mon. to Fri. from 9.00 am to 17.30 pm +39 055 89 91 71

By fax:

24 h / 24 +39 055 89 91 801

Is there a shop where I can buy your products?

Tecniwork has not resale outlets: if you are an end-customer please write to, we will be glad to indicate you the nearest Centre with our products.

Is it possible to work or cooperate with Tecniwork?

Tecniwork is a young, dynamic firm. If you have any proposal we will be happy to evaluate it! Write an e-mail to