Kuartz burr 6,0 mm fine cut

Ref: CM112

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Product description

Diameter and shape ideal for:

- Rapidly lower even the thickest foot nails
- Rapidly burr gel or acrylics on hands and feet
- Delicately shape nail sculpture gel or acrylics
- Refine and file thickness areas on the foot

The innovative Kuartz burrs are available both with stainless steel shaft and head (operative part) in sintering material. (*), both with shaft and head in sintered material. Since it is a bad heat conductor, this material does not overheat, is long lasting and best cutting properties.

(*) Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass by fusing particles together.

Burr features:

- High mechanical resistance
- High performances
- High resistance to wear and tear
- High resistance to pressure
- High resistance to chemical agents
- Long durability and best cutting performances

The active part of the burr which comes into contact with the treated area is 100% in biocompatible material, completely metal free. It remains clean during usage, improving the cutting performance, reducing vibration and overheating, allowing controlled and uninterrupted job.
The dust which is formed during work is not too thin and it can be easily sucked by the aspirator.
The work is much quicker, well defined and the workstation is much cleaner and the treatment become much more pleasant with vibrations and overheating reduced to a minimum.

Cleaning and sterilisation:

Resistant to acid, alkalis and heat, Kuartz burrs can be sterilised in autoclave or with chemical sterilisation or in hot-air or quartz beads ovens.
Before damping them in disinfecting solutions or cleaning solutions, remove any residues with nylon brushes (do not use abrasive stainless steel brushes other brushes in aggressive materials). Ideal ultrasound cleaning.

WARNING: in case of quartz bead sterilisation do not soak the instruments longer that the indicated time (5-15 seconds) when the device is on. Otherwise, Kuartz burrs might change their colour.

Items reference and usage:

With Kuartz burrs can work quicker on gel and acrylics without pressure, they can also be used on callosities or thick nails.

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