Tecniwork thermal insulating insoles with memory foam Active Winter Set of 24 pairs

  • Tecniwork insole with Memory Foam technology keeps the foot warm and insulates it from the cold
  • Cushions and absorbs pressure for absolute comfort
  • Ultra light, thin and washable
  • Assorted sizes from 35 to 46
  • Counter display of 24 pairs
Ref: ESSL06

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Product description

Counter display containing assorted sizes from 35 to 46 of Active Winter Insoles.

Insulating thermal insoles with a soft memory foam insert, protect your feet from the winter cold. 

The aluminium base insulates and prevents the cold from entering the sole, hindering the dispersion of heat from the shoe, the soft and resistant felt surface, in contact with the foot, provides a pleasant sensation of warmth, while the Memory foam inner layer ensures daily comfort and well-being.

The Active Winter insoles thus keep the foot warm by insulating it from the cold, achieving a thermal balance.

Hand or machine washable (cold) and air dryable.

Counter display consisting of:

Ref. SL035W Winter Active Insole size 35 - Pack 1

Ref. SL036W Winter Active Insole size 36 - Pack 1

Ref. SL037W Winter Active Insole size 37 - pack 2

Ref. SL038W Active Winter Insole size 38 - Pack 3

Ref. SL039W Active Winter Insole size 39 - Pack 3

Ref. SL040W Active Winter Insole size 40 - Pack 2

Ref. SL041W Active Winter Insole size 41 - Pack 3

Ref. SL042W Active Winter Insole size 42 - Pack 3

Ref. SL043W Active Winter Insole size 43 - Pack 2

Ref. SL044W Active Winter Insole size 44 - Pack 2

Ref. SL045W Active Winter Insole size 45 - Pack 1

Ref. SL046W Active Winter insole size 46 - pack 1

Touch-me display with display insole included


Display size: W 35 x D 26 x H 51,5 cm

Dimensions of Touch-me Display: W 29 x D 22 x H 32 cm

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