Micromotors with spray and suction 2 in 1

Spray micromotors with suction combine both techniques (spray and suction) in one device. It is possible to choose the most suitable treatment for each situation. You can switch from spray to suction without any problem, thanks to a convenient switch. Spray and suction technology are separate and independently adjustable. The suction system is particularly suitable for cosmetic pedicure and dry pedicure and dry manicure techniques, both with abrasive burs and with burs ideal for nails, in the nail wall and on calluses. The residues and dust raised by the burs are sucked up for a clear view of the part being worked on, as well as helping to reduce dust during filing. The spray water jet removes residues and dust raised by the bur, as well as refreshing the area and alleviating the sensation of heat that can be generated by the bur on some occasions.

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