Autoclave Sterilisation

Steam sterilisation in an autoclave. The combination of steam and pressure provides a safe sterilisation system. The autoclave for saturated steam sterilisation of professional instruments is safe and easy to use. The Autoclave with Class B Cycle is suitable for all instruments that can be sterilised. It is equipped with 4 programmes and can be used for the sterilisation of professional instruments by means of saturated steam under pressure. It is suitable for proper sterilisation of all types of instruments: porous, solid or hollow loads. It is equipped with a rapid sterilisation cycle depending on the type of load, to meet all work requirements. The speed of the sterilisation cycle helps reduce daily work time. With intuitive and easy-to-use colour touch display: a simple interface allows you to set the sterilisation cycles by selecting the desired programmes on the touch screen. The class B autoclave also features full traceability of all processes, for safe sterilisation that must be monitored at every stage. Class B autoclaves guarantee the best performance and simplify and ease the workflow. Autoclaves for sterilisation of this type are able to meet the most advanced professional requirements for the sterilisation of professional tools and instruments. B autoclaves also guarantee maximum hygiene and comply with all safety protocols.

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