Air Power Plus brushless vacuum micromotor - Tecniwork

  • Micromotor with brushless suction, digital display and Soft Touch controls
  • Adjustable speed from 4,000 to 30,000 rpm
  • Light and easy to handle handpiece with coaxial suction system and automatic cutter holder clamp
  • Possibility of storing 3 speeds and 3 suction intensities
  • Suction system with internal carbon filter
  • Handpiece overload protection
Ref: AF956

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Product description

Micromotor with brushless suction, practical and efficient, with adjustable speed from 4,000 to 30,000 rpm. Handpiece with coaxial suction, light and easy to handle, with start/stop switch and automatic pressure clamp for bur change. Up to 3 speed/suction memories can be set. Suction system with internal charcoal filter for increased assurance of clean air re-entry into the working environment.

Handpiece overload protection: motor stops for approximately 5 seconds if subjected to excessive overload; electronic overload protection interrupts current flow and both the micromotor and suction turbine stop.

Suctionturbine temperature protection fuse: if the air temperature in the suction turbine exceeds 70°C, the turbine and handpiece shut down and the overheating symbol appears on the display.

Functional characteristics:

Suction with brushless motor

Suction power adjustment

Start/stop switch on handpiece

Handpiece with automatic clamp

Possibility of memorizing 3 speeds and 3 suction intensities

Reversal of cutter rotation direction

Digital display with information on operation and maintenance

Soft-Touch controls

Variable speed pedal (optional)

Start/stop pedal (optional)


Technical characteristics:

Adjustable speed from 4,000 to 30,000 rpm

Power supply voltage: 100 - 230V / 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Max. power consumption: 120 Watt


Unit dimensions: W 25 x H 12.8 x D 29 cm

Handpiece dimensions: Length 14.2 cm

Handpiece diameter: 1.7 - 2.4 - 2.8 cm

Handpiece weight: 100 g

Controller weight: approx. 2.8 kg

Standard accessories:

Handpiece holder 1 pc

Clamp cleaning tool 1 pc


Ref.AF950P Variable speed pedal

Ref.AF952P Start/stop pedal

Ref.AF952S Micro-filtering disposable TNT bag 1 pc

Ref.AF952SC Disposable paper bag 1 pc


Only use cutters with a shaft Ø 2.35 mm and a length of min. 35 mm.

Never use cutters that are non-concentric, out of alignment or damaged.

Itis recommended to use cutters with a maximum head diameter of Ø 10 mm and a minimum shaft length of 35 mm.

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