Class B autoclave for sterilisation of instruments - Faro Nisea Premium 18 l

  • Autoclave for saturated steam sterilisation of professional cosmetic instruments Class B full optional
  • Large 18 litre stainless steel sterilisation chamber that can hold a tray with up to 5 instrument shelves
  • Programmed start for managing sterilisation cycles
  • Simple to use, interactive, fast and ergonomic
  • With B Flash cycle for ultra-fast sterilisation
  • Traceability data storage
Ref: AF873

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Why choose autoclave FARO and a Class-B autoclave for sterilisation?

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Product description

Autoclave for steam sterilisation of professional beauty instruments.

NISEA Premium is one of  FARO class B autoclave easy to use, interactive, fast and ergonomic, full optional, able to satisfy the most advanced professional requirements for the sterilisation of professional tools and instruments in beauty centres, beauty salons and spas.

Characterised by a minimalist and elegant design, Nisea is the class B autoclave suitable for sterilising all types of instruments: porous, solid or hollow.

The high-definition 5'' touch screen colour display features intuitive graphics that make operation clear and simple.

With self-calibrating brightness and colours and a display tilt of 20°, the instrument is easy to read and simple to operate.

NISEA Premium simplifies the loading and unloading of both water and instruments to make the management of the sterilisation cycle as easy as possible. With this in mind, water (pure and demineralised) is loaded via a pump integrated in the front.

It is possible to connect the autoclave directly to the water mains (if equipped with a purification system) with loading and unloading at the rear.

The motorised door makes the loading and unloading of instruments easy and safe; it can only be opened and closed from the display and not manually. It prevents opening if there are high temperatures in the sterilisation chamber, preventing unintentional burns.

Complete traceability: cycle data and reports are automatically saved in the internal memory. They can then be downloaded in digital format (PDF) via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi (optional) or in paper format, using the dedicated external printer (optional).

B-Flash cycle: thanksto the optimisation of the thermodynamic cycle, NISEA Premium performs cycles in short times while reducing water consumption.

The B-Flash cycle enables class B cycles to be carried out more quickly, while retaining all the qualities of this type of cycle. The B-Flash cycle respects all sterilisation parameters but allows drastically shorter times and is recommended for small loads (up to 0.5 kg).

The total cycle time is adapted to the amount of load inserted.

Cycle B Standard: allows sterilisation of porous and bagged instruments and solid materials. A mechanical pump creates the vacuum repeatedly, so that it can reach long, small-diameter cavities such as the inside of tubes ('fractionated vacuum').

Enhanced drying: Nisea Premium has been developed to ensure precise and effective drying in all conditions and with all types of load.

With Adaptive Dry function that automatically sets the drying time of the B Flash cycle, based on the amount of instrument load inside the sterilisation chamber.

With conductivity sensor, designed to preserve the efficiency of the autoclave and prevent deterioration caused by limescale .

The conductivity sensor verifies the quality of the incoming water in order to ensure correct operation of the machine over time.

The display shows a bar that identifies the water quality by colour:

GREEN colour = very good quality, OK

YELLOW colour = critical quality, is signalled with a message

colour RED = quality NOT USEFUL. In addition to being signalled with a message, the machine stops working and does not allow the cycle to be carried out until it is changed with demineralised water of a suitable quality for the autoclave.

The cycle progress bar  can be viewed and followed on the display.

The progress bar will advance, indicating the various phases the equipment is in: e.g. preheating phase, vacuum phase, pressure rise phase etc.

The Nisea Premium autoclave allows you to monitor the sterilisation process.

Automatic control of sterilisation parameters such as pressure, temperature and  time are continuously monitored by means of an automatic process control system.

The integrated sterilisation process evaluation system ensures continuous monitoring of process parameters via the microprocessor. It immediately interrupts the programme in the event of an anomaly and generates an alarm.

The monitoring of the steriliser's operation guarantees'real time' surveillance of all significant parameters, generating alarm messages (in the event of an anomaly) and possibly interrupting the cycle.

A programmed start for the sterilisation cycle outside working hours can be set to better manage timing.

The base of the autoclave is equipped with a removable, washable and disinfectable dust filter that protects the cooling system from any airborne impurities.

The Bio X Filter on the front of the unit feeds sterile air into the chamber during the drying and baric balancing phase.

The autoclave door is also a white board: it is possible to leave notes or notes by writing directly on the autoclave door with erasable blackboard markers.

Sterilisation Cycles (Maximum values including pre-heating phase and maximum load)

Standard cycle 134°C: duration from 29 to 48 minutes

Prion cycle 134°C: duration from 44 to 62 minutes

Standard cycle 121°C: duration from 41 to 59 minutes

B-cycle FLASH 134°C: load-dependent

Drying cycle

Autonomy of 9 cycles

Test programmes

Vacuum test: verification of the ability to maintain a vacuum

Bowie Dick test: verification of steam penetration into porous load

121° o 134°

Helix test: testing of steam penetration in hollow loads


Technical Features

Water conductivity sensor

Programmed start for cycles and tests

Colour touch screen display

User ID management

Up to 7 users with associated Pin

Visual indication of cycle status

Last cycle storage

Last test storage

Possibility of increasing drying time

Adaptive Dry function

Dust filter

Bio X filter


Maximum solid load unbagged: 5.5 kg

Maximum bagged load: 3.5 kg

Maximum load porous: 1,5 Kg

Connection and traceability


Printing of barcode labels via external printer (optional)

Wi-Fi connection (optional)

Ethernet connection

Full traceability of any cycle

Included Accessories

Tray holder

5 Trays

1 tray extractor clamp

1 hose with quick-release coupling for water loading

1 hose with quick-release coupling for water drainage

1 funnel


Wi-fi for data tracking.

External printer for printing labels with BARCODE with cycle data.

Functional features 

Power supply voltage: 220V - 60 Hz / 230V - 50/60 Hz / 240V - 50 Hz

Maximum current consumption: 8.9 A

Maximum power consumption: 2050 W

Load tank volume: 5.2 litres


External dimensions: W 49.3 x D 65.4 x H 48.4 cm

Internal dimensions (of sterilisation chamber): 25 x 37 cm

Volume of sterilisation chamber: 18 litres

Weight: 57 kg


FARO, a guarantee of Quality and Safety

Reliable and safe, FARO autoclaves are the result of decades of experience in the sterilisation sector and can count on the presence of Technical Assistance Centres throughout Italy.

Features and Advantages


Scheduled maintenance and sterilisation tests

Why choose FARO and Classe B?


Why choose autoclave FARO and a Class-B autoclave for sterilisation?

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