Glass microsphere steriliser Steri 250

  • Stainless Steel Steriliser with Glass Microspheres Steri 250
  • Allows instant sterilisation in 5-15 seconds
  • Reaches a temperature of 250°C
  • For sterilising small instruments
  • Including glass cup (Ref. AF806), lid (Ref. AF804) and microspheres (Ref. AF805)
Ref: AF802

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Product description

Glass microsphere steriliser Steri 250, suitable for sterilising small instruments.

Microsphere sterilisation exploits the reflective effect of the heat produced by glass microspheres placed in a small cylindrical chamber that rapidly raises the temperature (18-30 min.) up to 230°-250°C.

The device, once heated, allows to sterilize, in a few seconds, single small instruments or parts of them, by immersing them in the Microspheres.

Made of stainless steel, it allows instant sterilisation (5-15 seconds), thanks to the precision of the thermostat and its internal thermometer.

With glass microspheres (Ref. AF805) and glass cup for microspheres (Ref. AF806) and lid (Ref. AF804) included, to insert the objects to be sterilised inside the steriliser.


Technical characteristics

Voltage: 220/240 V

Power: 90 W

Temperature: Max 250°C

Weight: 1,4 kg

External dimensions L 2,5 x D 14 x H 14,5 cm.


Do not insert wet or damp instruments.

Do not insert lubricated instruments (lubrication of joints must be carried out after sterilisation).

Do not insert instruments made of rubber, wood, fibre or cloth.

Do not leave instruments immersed in the spheres for more than 5-15 seconds as this may result in loss of the cut, instrument breakage or deformation, blackening or discolouration.

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