Kit stories by TNS Swarovski ®

    • Jewel nail kit with 10 TNS nail polish colours, 10 packs of Swarovski ® Crystalpixie crystals, one phase UV gel Soack Off with special brush, Flash Top and Base coat.
    • Collection of crystals for every type of nail art
    • Complete kit 24 pcs with display
Ref: KITSW100

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Product description

TNS Firenze and Swarovski® Crystalpixie present a collection of original crystals dedicated to Nail Art and  manicure for jewel nails.

The nail polishes light up with the allure of crystals, creating ten style ideas and  extraordinary colour combinations for a precious and impeccable manicure.

The crystals can be fixed over nail polish or gel with the special Jewels UV Gel, which cures in a TNS LED lamp in 1 minute and can be removed with a solvent (soak off formula).

Display consisting of: 

Ref. UNS513 Nail Polish Foundation 10 ml - 1 pc.

Ref. UNS479 Nail Polish Jet Set 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS429 Nail Polish Atomic79 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS388 Nail Polish Forever Soul 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS499 Nail Polish Pure Silver 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS487 China Blue 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS465 Nail Polish You Me 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS515 Nail Polish Rebel Rebel 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS456 Nail Polish Feel Beauty 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UNS435 Nail Polish Party City 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. SW103 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Edge Cute Mood - 1 pc

Ref. SW104 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Petite Exotic East - 1 pc

Ref.SW109 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Petite Deluxe Rush - 1 pc

Ref. SW101 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Edge Heart's Desire - 1 pc

Ref. SW110 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Petite Starry Night - 1 pc

Ref. SW102 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Edge Sahara Blue - 1 pc

Ref. SW108 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Petite Cute Mood - 1 pc

Ref. SW105 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Petite Rock Shock - 1 pc

Ref. SW106 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Petite Candy Land - 1 pc

Ref. SW107 Swarovski ® Crystalpixie Petite Classy Sassy - 1 pc

Ref. UN486 Gel UV Jewels Remover Soak Off 20 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UN479 Brush for gel application - 1 pc

Ref. UN637 Flash Top Top 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. UN640 Base Flash 10 ml - 1 pc

Point of sale material 

Banner size 50x155 cm

Window sticker

Brochure Stories By TNS 30 pcs

Pack 24 pcs


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