Disposable powder-free nitrile gloves

  • Nitrile gloves for beauty salons, without lubricating powder
  • Disposable and ambidextrous, fits both hands
  • With micro-rough outer finish
  • Latex Free, natural rubber latex free
  • Light blue colour
  • Pack of 100 pieces

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Product description

Nitrile disposable gloves for beauty salons, for professional use, without lubricating powder.

Ambidextrous nitrile gloves that fit both hands, with beading and micro-roughened outer finish for maximum grip.

They protect the worker's hands and ensure a high level of hygiene during aesthetic treatments.

Disposable nitrile gloves were created as an alternative to latex gloves and are particularly suitable for operators who do not tolerate the use and contact on their hands of natural rubber latex. Nitrile gloves are in fact Latex Free, i.e. they are free of natural rubber latex.

Furthermore, their chemical and mechanical resistance characteristics make them suitable for use in conditions where latex and vinyl gloves are not.

They are easy to put on and fit the hand perfectly. The micro-rough outer finish on the fingertips ensures a secure grip even on wet objects.

Nitrile gloves are powder-free : powder has always been used as an aid in putting on and taking off gloves. However, powder may not be well tolerated by the user and can generate an uncomfortable feeling while using the gloves.

For this reason, these gloves are powder-free but retain all the characteristics of optimal fit and comfort.

Available in assorted sizes and sizes.

In handy dispenser boxes of 100 pieces each.


Material: Nitrile powder-free

Colour: light blue

Length: min. 24 cm

External finish: micro-rough



Wear the gloves carefully, with dry, clean hands.

For proper removal: remove one glove starting at the cuff, holding it in the hand on which the other glove is still being worn. With your free hand, remove the second glove and place the first glove inside the second glove.

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