Single wax warmer for wax in 100 ml cartridge

  • Professional single wax warmer for heating wax in 100 ml cartridges
  • Consisting of power base with wax heating handpiece
  • Can be connected to other bases for up to 10 units
Ref: NW208

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Product description

Professional wax warmer designed for heating epilatory waxes contained in 100 ml cartridges.

It consists of a handpiece into which the wax cartridge is inserted, which is placed vertically in the special supply base.

The particularity of this system is represented by the possibility of coupling one base with another up to a maximum of 10 elements.

It allows a quick, clean and waste-free application of the product.

The product consists of a base unit, the wax heating handpiece and electric cable.


Handpiece weight: 350 g

Handpiece dimensions: W 7.5 x D 4.8 x H 18 cm

Base weight: 380 g

Base dimensions: W 17,5 x D 12,5 x H 11 cm

Power supply: 230V-50Hz-35W.

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 110/240V

Power consumption: 20W (120W max) Class II


Recommendation for use: insert the handpiece with the wax refill into the base and turn on the switch, let the wax warm up for about 20-30 minutes, then proceed with epilation.

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