Ultrasound device for mechanical cleaning of instruments 2.5 l

  • Ultrasonic tank for mechanical instrument cleaning
  • 5 settable wash times and digital timer
  • Heating function up to 65°C
  • Equipped with a circuit protection device and ventilated radiator
  • Capacity: 2.5 litres
Ref: AF106L

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Product description

Ultrasonic tank for mechanical cleaning of instruments.

Practical and compact, it is simple and intuitive to use. With the possibility of setting 5 different washing cycles and with a heating function up to 65°C, it can be used with tap water and/or specific detergents for ultrasonic tanks. Equipped with a circuit protection device and a ventilated radiator to protect all components even in case of prolonged use.

Through the digital timer it is possible to set 5 cleaning cycles with different times as required.

The heating function can be activated to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

The ABS outer structure is practical, easy to clean and durable, complete with lid with porthole for inspecting the cleaning process.

The supplied ABS basket prevents friction between objects and the stainless steel tank walls.

Suitable for mechanical cleaning of all stainless steel tools (cutters, blade handles, pliers, scissors) and carbon tools (cutters for micromotors and turbines).

Replacement ABS basket supplied Ref. AF106LB.


Technical features:

- No. 5 settable washing times: 90 - 180 - 280 - 380 - 480 sec.

- Automatic heating Max 65°C

- Heating operation indicator

- Ultrasonic operation indicator

- Overload protection indicator

- Power: 170 W

- Capacity: 2.5 l

- Tub size: W 24 x D 14,5 x H 8 cm

- Dimensions: W 29 x D 24 x H 17 cm

- Frequency: 4.2 Khz

- Power supply: 220-240 V 50/60 Hz

- Weight: 2.5 kg

- ABS structure and instrument basket

- Digital timer.

Functional features

- Tank filling: Min. 600 ml - Max 2100 ml.

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