Professional stainless steel curette with micro-file

  • Professional stainless steel nail curette with microfile with knurled surface
  • Microfile for cleaning and working in the nail wall and plate
  • Ideal size for working in large nail wall
Ref: CF650

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Product description

Professional stainless steel nail curette with microfile for straight nails.

Ideal for checking, cleaning and working in the nail plate and lamina, especially for larger nails.

Knurled surface handle for a firm grip during pedicure.

Professional instrument made of stainless steel, can be disinfected with special solutions and sterilised in an autoclave, with dry heaters or chemical solutions.

1 pc

Calluses on toe nails are a common problem, but with the use of appropriate tools, it is possible to maintain a soft and well-groomed nail. Among these tools are microfiles, scrapers and curettes.

Micro files for feet are ideal for cleaning the nails and for removing mild calluses and residues within the nail wall or under the lamina. These instruments come in different shapes and can be used to gently and non-invasively remove calluses that may form under the nail.

Scrapers, are sharper instruments and are used to remove the hardest and most resistant calluses under the nail or in the valleys. These instruments may have a head with a sharp blade and come in different shapes and sizes.

With the use of the right tools, such as microfiles, curettes and scrapers, it is possible to maintain and prevent the formation of calluses in toe nails in pedicures.


Proper instrument hygiene:

Spray with a ready-to-use pretreater for instruments and wait at least 5 minutes.

Rinse and carry out cleaning, cleansing and disinfection with a concentrated disinfectant detergent.

Contact time with instruments is 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes, after which rinse with demineralised water and dry.

Proceed with the usual sterilisation techniques (autoclave etc.).

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