Professional stainless steel cuticle pusher with double concave and hooked-angled tip

  • Professional stainless steel double-tipped cuticle pusher
  • Concave tip for pushing cuticles
  • Angled hooked tip to lift them
  • Autoclavable
Ref: RV696

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Product description

Professional stainless steel cuticle pusher with two ends: a concave one to push the cuticles and an angled hooked one to lift them.
Indispensable tool for effectively removing cuticles from the edge of the fingernails and toenails, for a complete and impeccable manicure and pedicure.
Handle with non-slip knurled surface for a firm grip during work.
Made of stainless steel, hygienic and easily disinfected and sterilised: in an autoclave, with dry heaters or chemical solutions.

1 pc


Proper instrument hygiene:

Spray with a ready-to-use instrument pretreater and wait at least 5 minutes.

Rinse and proceed with simultaneous cleaning, cleansing and disinfection with a concentrated disinfectant detergent, which must be diluted in water and can be used in ultrasonic equipment.

Contact time with instruments is 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes, after which rinse thoroughly with demineralised water and dry.

Proceed with the usual sterilisation techniques (autoclave etc.).

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