Callus Pro stainless steel foot file

  • Callus Pro Tecniwork professional pedicure abrasive foot rasp in microperforated stainless steel with double abrasive surface
  • Maxi format, balanced handle and microperforated surface for effortless use
  • Quickly remove corns, thickenings and calluses
  • Large and long working area
  • Autoclavable
  • Pack 1 pc
Ref: RV570

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Product description

Tecniwork Callus Pro Professional Pedicure Stainless Steel Foot File with double abrasive surface that removes corns, calluses and thickening.

The concave side has a coarse-grained texture with an abrasive surface to remove excess calluses. The convex side has a finer texture and is used to smooth and finish the skin surface.

The microperforated surface makes it possible to work without accumulating residue and dirt on the instrument, so that the rasp can be used without interruption for quick work in the beauty salon.

Wrap-around shape for the heel and ideal for easily reaching and removing corns and calluses.

The working surface of the rasp is particularly large, but its lightness allows even heavy work to be carried out effortlessly.

With practical balanced handle, maxi format, special shape and two different steel textures.

Pedicure rasp that effectively and quickly reduces calluses and thickening, removes dead skin, for smooth and perfectly polished feet.

Effective both dry and wet.

Pack 1 pc.


File size: length 28 cm

Working area: 14.5 x 5 cm

Sterilisable up to 250°C and autoclavable 


The professional rasp with double microperforated surface in Stainless Steel allows two different grits to be used at the same time with the same tool and thus to carry out two different jobs.

Choosing the side suitable for the work you want to do speeds up and improves the result of the work itself.

In general they are indicated:

-coarse grit  for removing extensive calluses

-fine grit  for smoothing and finishing the area treated with the previous grits

-fine grit  for areas with superficial calluses

Proper instrument hygiene:

Spray with a ready-to-use instrument pre-treater and wait at least 5 minutes.

Rinse and proceed with simultaneous cleaning, cleansing and disinfection with a concentrated disinfectant detergent, which must be diluted in water and can be used in ultrasonic equipment.

Contact time with instruments is 10 minutes, maximum 15 minutes, after which rinse thoroughly with demineralised water and dry.

Proceed with the usual sterilisation techniques (autoclave etc.).

Caution: To preserve the surface, clean and dry thoroughly after each use.

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