Steam penetration test for Class B autoclaves Bowie & Dick test 1 pc

  • Bowie & Dick steam penetration test for Class B autoclaves
  • Tests both the vacuum conditions of the autoclave within the chamber and the nature of the steam used
  • Highlights instances of autoclave malfunction, clearly indicating the cause
  • Packaging 1 pc
Ref: AF860B

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Product description

Disposable Bowie & Dick test, ready-to-use package ideal to assess steam penetration in Class B autoclaves. 

It allows both the vacuum condition of the autoclave within the chamber and verify the nature of the used steam.

It highlights autoclave malfunctioning and clearly indicates the cause.

Following the vacuum phases, the chemical indicator on the Test Card changes colour to black, indicating that sufficient air has been removed to allow steam to fully penetrate. If residual air was trapped during the vapour phase, the colour change will be incomplete and uneven.

The following can be noted on the test sheet: location, machine, cycle, date and operator, for correct archiving.

Test Periodicity:

- Daily

- After any repair or maintenance work

- In the event of the autoclave being moved.

Packaging 1 pc.


Operating conditions: 134°C for 3.5 minutes

Dimensions: 122 x 122 mm

Colour change indication: Pink to Black.


Method of use:

- place the BD Test Pack in the lowest tray at the front

- perform the test with an empty chamber; the test is accurate when performed with an empty chamber. Do not use the cycle to sterilise any devices or packs.

- start the sterilisation or test cycle if the autoclave has a specific one. Remove the BD Test Pack from the autoclave.

- open the BD Test Pack and examine the BD Test Sheet. The test is considered positive if the chemical indicator has turned to the prescribed colour. The autoclave cycle phase is running.

- Record the information and retain the Test.

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