Steam penetration test for Class B autoclaves Helix Test System 250 pcs

  • Test to evaluate the performance of saturated steam penetration in hollow bodies
  • Test for autoclaves with type B cycle
  • Practical kit containing everything you need to carry out 250 tests
Ref: AF860C

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Product description

Helix Test is ideal to evaluate the penetration capacity of steam inside hollow bodies and consists of a tube made of Teflon® open at one end. At the end of this is a container fitted with a hermetically sealed screw cap in which a multi-variable chemical indicator is housed. The chemical indicator housed in the container only turns correctly when the autoclave is able to completely remove the air in the chamber and steam can penetrate the entire length of the cannula.

Conforms to EN ISO 11140-1 Class 2 indicator.

The Helix Test System is a practical kit containing everything you need to perform 250 vapour penetration tests.

Each package contains 1 Helix cannula, 250 chemical indicator strips and instructions for use.


Range of use: 134° C for 3.5 minutes or 121° C for 15 minutes.


Instructions for use:

1. Insert the chemical indicator into the slot of the plastic cap

2. Close the capsule

3. Place the entire system in the autoclave by setting the Helix test programme 3.5 min at 134°C or 121°C for 15 min

4. Remove the indicator and evaluate the test.

Storage conditions:

The indicator should be stored in a cool place, protected from sunlight and with a temperature between 10-30°C, and a relative humidity of 30-80%.

Do not get wet

Do not store near sterilising agents

Do not use after expiry date

Do not reuse.

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