Professional foot rasp Igiene Plus Stainless Steel for abrasive parts 1 pc

  • Professional foot rasp Igiene Plus Stainless Steel for disposable abrasive parts
  • For quick removal of calluses and corns
  • Hygienic and autoclavable
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Wide and long working area
  • Package 1 pc
Ref: RV560

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Product description

Igiene Plus professional rasp for disposable abrasive parts.

The Igiene Plus rasp is made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and easily disinfected and sterilised: in autoclaves, with dry heaters or chemical solutions.

The abrasive parts are self-adhesive and disposable and available in three grits: coarse, medium and fine.

The working surface of the rasp is particularly large, despite the lightness of the tool, and allows even heavy-duty work to be carried out effortlessly, depending on the grits applied.

Practical and handy handle for a firm grip during use.

Usable in all conditions, effective both dry and wet, it is the ideal tool to effectively remove corns, calluses and dryness from the skin of the foot quickly and effortlessly.

Pack size: 1 pc.

Measurements: 24,5 x 4,6 x 1 cm

Weight : 100 grams.


Abrasive paper templates not included in the pack, can be purchased separately.

Application of abrasive paper templates Raspa Igiene Plus:

- remove the protective film

- adhere the abrasive part to the steel base, clean and dry

- use the instrument

- remove and discard the abrasive part after use

- wash, disinfect and sterilise the steel rasp.


The professional rasp with double face in stainless steel allows you to use two different grits on the same tool at the same time and therefore to carry out two different jobs.

Choosing the right g rit for the job speeds up and improves the result of the work itself.

In general, the following grits are recommended

- coarse for removal of extensive calluses

- medium for removal of calluses

- fine for smoothing and finishing the area treated with the previous grits

- fine for areas with superficial callosity

For convenience, during a pedicure it is advisable to use a coarse or medium grit on one side of the rasp (to remove calluses) and apply a fine grit on the other, to finish the work done.

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