Discovery Intensive Vegetal Line Dr Renaud

  • Discovery Resale Promotion Intensive vegetal line, special facial treatment for all skin types
  • Pre-Facial Treatment 150 ml
  • Intensive Micropeeling with AHAs 100 ml
  • Intensive Anti-Age Mask 50 ml
  • Formulas with more than 95 % ingredients of natural origin
Ref: DRPROM143

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Product description

Special promotion Discovery Resale Intensive Vegetable Line, specific facial treatment for all skin types.

The promotion consists of:

Pre-Face Treatment 150 ml - 3 pcs

Pre-Face Treatment  with prebiotics that acts as a skin preparer for subsequent treatments.

A concentrated essence of prebiotics of natural origin that multiplies and optimises the effects of other facial treatments applied subsequently.

Its action mechanisms work by rebalancing the skin's microbiota, strengthening the skin barrier and intensely moisturising the skin.

Thanks to its specific formulation based on ingredients of natural origin, it restores the balance of the skin's microbiota and strengthens the skin's natural defences.

The skin's protective system is strengthened and the skin appears smoother and more radiant.

Intensive Micropeeling with AHAs 100 ml - 7 pieces

Facial exfoliator in mousse with Fruit Acids to exfoliate the skin and stimulate cell renewal .

Facial exfoliator in Mousse that carries out a micro-chemical peeling in just 5 minutes for an exfoliating, smoothing and illuminating action. Thanks to its specific formulation based on ingredients of natural origin that remove dead cells, the skin is freed of impurities and regains its natural radiance. Suitable for all skin types.

Gentle, soap-free foam texture.

Intensive Anti-Age Mask 50 ml - 7 pcs

Lifting booster face mask for the intensive treatment of mature skin with loss of tone and radiance.

An immediate and targeted shock treatment with an Anti-Age effect to be used as a mask in place of the usual products in the beauty routine, in certain periods of the year when the skin needs it most.

Formula based on Hyaluronic Acid of plant origin dedicated to specific skin needs and used when the usual cosmetic is no longer sufficient to perform its function.

The lifting booster mask contains a synergy of active ingredients for an intensive restructuring action.

On awakening, the complexion is regenerated and regains its full radiance . In a short time the skin is smoothed and all its softness is restored .

Included in the promotion

5 Vanity pouches

2 Poster A4 Vegetal Intensive Line

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