Laqerìs Fluo Semipermanent Nail Polishes 6 pc display

  • Semi-permanent nail polishes with intense, brilliant, ultra-covering and long-lasting colour
  • 6 fluorescent shades in the boldest and most vibrant hues
  • Display of 6 pieces

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Product description

Laqerìs professional semi-permanent nail polishes in 6 fluorescent colours, rich in pigment and covering right from the first coat, give the nails colour intensity and brilliance.

The display brings together all the boldest and most vibrant fluorescent shades for a lively and feisty manicure.

Display consisting of:

Ref. LA001 Laqerìs Blue Fluo 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA006 Laqerìs Orange Fluo 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA005 Laqerìs Green Fluo 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA004 Laqerìs Pink Fluo 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA003 Laqerìs Yellow Fluo 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA002 Laqerìs Flamingo Fluo 10 ml - 1 pc


Display size: W 34 x H 42 cm

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