Display Laqerìs Nude - 6 pcs

  • Semi-permanent nail polishes with intense, brilliant, ultra-covering and long-lasting colour
  • 6 nuances of nude in the most elegant and sophisticated shades
  • Display of 6 pieces
Ref: ESLA6

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Product description

Laqerìs professional semi-permanent nail polishes in 6 neutral colours, rich in pigment and covering from the very first coat, give the nails colour intensity and brilliance.

The display brings together all the most elegant and sophisticated shades of nude, for a flawless and refined manicure, suitable for any type of complexion.

All Laqerìs colours are matched with TNS nail polish colours, for a perfect colour match.

Display consisting of:

Ref. LA457 Skin Lover 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA388 Princess 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA258 Naked 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA319 Light Touch 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA451 Ballett 10 ml - 1 pc

Ref. LA315 Foundation 10 ml - 1 pc


Display size: W 30 x D 11 x H 32 cm


After the application of Laqerìs Base, apply Laqerìs Colour UV, cure in UV Led lamp for 1 minute. Repeat on the other coat.

Apply a second coat of colour following the same procedure. Continue with the application of Laqerìs Top.

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