Hydrocolloid plaster for heel blisters 6 pcs

  • Breathable hydrocolloid patches for heel blisters
  • Immediate relief and protection of blisters
  • Water resistant for proper hygiene
  • 3 patches size Small with invisible border 3 patches size Large
  • Pack size 6 pcs
Ref: CO294

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Product description

Hydrocolloid patches for heel blisters are the ideal solution for already formed foot blisters.

The hydrocolloid mass absorbs secretions from the blisters and provides natural relief, and the adhesive plaster will peel itself off once its absorbent and protective function is complete. Water-resistant, allowing proper hygiene of the part during use.

Pack of 6 pcs:

3 pcs patch large size 6,8 x 4,3 cm

3 small patches with invisible border size 6,8 x 4,3 cm


Do not apply on inflamed skin or on small cuts or cracks, or on skin not affected by the blister. Keep out of reach of children. External use. Do not reuse. Do not use for long treatments. Prolonged treatment may cause sensitisation.


How to use:

After a footbath in lukewarm water, carefully dry the foot and apply the patch directly to the blister.

Do not remove the plaster, it will come off by itself.

Water resistant, it allows proper hygiene of the part during use.

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