Micromotor with SB suction

  • Micromotor with suction and digital display
  • Adjustable speed from 2,500 to 22,000 rpm
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Accessories included: built-in handpiece holder, maintenance kit, 2 disposable suction bags, 1 washable and reusable bag
Ref: AF810

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Product description

Micromotor with suction. Practical and efficient, equipped with a suction system and removable and replaceable bags. Resistant and robust, it is suitable for all types of work, particularly those where high rotation speed but good power is not required, such as for more demanding jobs.

Functional features:


Reversing the direction of rotation

Suction power adjustment

Suction on/off button

Digital speed display


Technical features

Adjustable speed from 2,500 to 22,000 rpm

Supply voltage: 230 V /50 Hz

Maximum power consumption: 550 W


L 28,5 x D 18 x H 14,5 cm

Controller weight: 3.3 kg

Handpiece weight: 180 g

Handpiece length: 14.2 cm

Handpiece diameter: 1.7 - 2.2 cm

Included accessories

Built-in handpiece holder

Maintenance kit

2 disposable suction bags

1 washable and reusable bag


Ref. AF821P, start/stop pedal.

Ref. AF810S, disposable paper bags.

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