Unique Collection Autumn/Winter 2022 TNS Nail polishes 10 pcs.

  • Unique Autumn/Winter 2022 collection consisting of 10 TNS nail polishes in new colours
  • Advertising material: 1 counter display, 1 window sign, 1 floor totem and 1 colour chart
  • Social Media Kit: image pack to publish and share on social profiles
Ref: UNS22AI1

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Product description

Unique is the new collection that TNS Firenze dedicates to the 2022 Autumn Winter season.

Ten new shades in full tones, ten colours to wear for the new season.

Use the tools provided by Tecniwork to promote the collection both in the beauty centre and on social channels.

With the purchase of the collection, you will receive an image pack to publish and share on social profiles, a window sign, a floor totem, a counter display and a colour chart.

With the material designed for promotion within the Beauty Centre, you will be facilitated in communicating with your clients and convey a clear and coordinated image in line with the fashion and beauty trends of the moment.

To be effective, it is important to have a space dedicated to the new collection to give visibility to the novelty and make it easier for your customers to purchase the product for resale.

The F/W 2022 collection consists of:

Ref. UNS647 Nail polish Power Pink - 1 pc.

Ref. UNS648 Nail polish Smart - 1 pc

Ref. UNS649 Nail polish Sweet - 1 pc

Ref. UNS650 Nail polish Wild - 1 pc

Ref. UNS651 Nail polish Harmony - 1 pc

Ref. UNS652 Nail polish Rock - 1 pc

Ref. UNS653 Nail polish Shine - 1 pc

Ref. UNS654 Nail polish Vain - 1 pc

Ref. UNS655 Nail polish Bold - 1 pc

Ref. UNS656 Nail polish Moody - 1 pc

Point of sale material INCLUDED

Counter display - 1 pc

Totem size W 50 x H 157 cm - 1 pc

Floor or wall poster size 60 x 80 cm - 1 pc

Colour chart - 1 pc

Image pack to publish and share on social profiles

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