Anti-callosity foot abrasive stone Display of 12 pieces

  • Tecniwork anti-callus foot abrasive stone
  • Eliminates calluses and thickening and removes rough, cracked skin
  • Environmentally friendly, bacteriostatic and non-irritating
  • For soft, smooth and naturally smooth feet
  • Display of 12 pieces
Ref: RV501E

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Product description

Counter display consisting of 12 packs of Tecniwork anti-callosity abrasive stone.

Tecniwork abrasive stone for feet which, thanks to its abrasive surface, removes thickening and calluses, for smooth, soft and velvety feet.

Its high porosity makes it extremely light but resistant, smoothes hardened parts of the skin and removes thickening, keeping the skin of the feet naturally smooth and velvety.

Environmentally friendly, with bacteriostatic, non-irritating and impact-resistant characteristics, it is ideal for both dry and wet use.

Its ergonomic shape allows optimal grip for good, intensive abrasion.

Display consisting of:

RV501 Anti-Callosity Stone - 12 pcs.


Display size: W 19 x D 16.5 x H 23.5 cm.


Always use, even daily, after a foot bath or shower to treat corns, calluses, thickening and to remove rough, cracked skin on the feet.

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