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CE310 - Callusmed forte cream 50 ml

Smoothing and softening corn cream with Salicylic and Mandelic acid with strong...

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Smoothing and softening corn cream with Salicylic and Mandelic acid with strong keratolytic and exfoliating action; contains also Urea, Allantoin corn oil and an amino-acid regenerating complex for a deep hydrating and regenerating action.

Active principles: the high concentration of natural keratolytic ingredients such as Urea and Allantoin, enhances the exfoliation of skin, granting hydration smoothness and softness. The salicylic and Mandelic acid delicately exfoliate skin and stimulate cell renewal, whereas corn oil hydrate and restructure; with Iceland Moss with anti-bacterial properties, purifying and hygenizing, Willow Tree extract with purifying action. The amino-acid complex is formed by one glycoprotein and three amino-acids which form a molecular film on the skin, thus granting deep and long lasting hydration for a complete regeneration.

Usage: apply daily on corns and thickness.




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